Stitchers and Staplers

Suburban Graphic Supply sells new and used stitchers and staplers, plus related stitching heads, wires and staples.



Bindery Stitchers for Standard Duty Work

  • ISP model a stitcherModel A - Fast, general purpose model for flat or saddle stitching pamphlets or books
  • ISP model p stitcherModel P - Multihead model for checkbooks and other small booklets

Bindery Stitchers for Heavy Duty Work

  • ISP model SPAModel S3A - 7/8" or 1-1/8" for flat work from two sheets to 1-1/8"
  • ISP Model N3B2Model N3B2 - ISP's largest capacity stitcher
  • ISP Stitch'n'foldThe Stitch'n Fold uses patented magnetic stitching head technology, providing the reliability & economy of wire stitching. Dual sets of folding rollers for consistent, professional results.


  • Rosback 201 stitcherModel 201 Auto-Stitcher - Handles books or pamphlets from 2 sheets up to 3/16" thick. Used primarily for hand feeding.
  • Rosback 203 Bindery System203 Bindery System and Reliant 318 SaddleBinder - Fully automatic, medium to high speed heavy duty saddle binders.


  • Deluxe Bostitch StitcherM7 Stitcher reliably stitches any thickness, from 2 sheets to 7/8" of stock, making this stitcher ideal for any
    bindery house.
  • Bostitch Deluxe StitcherM17 Multiple-Head Stitcher.- for pamphlets, checkbooks and ticket books
  • Deluxe Bostitch StitcherM2 industrial stitcher, ideal for print shops and binderies requiring rapid output of production. For flat and saddle work ranging in thickness from 2 pages to 5/16".
  • Bostitch Deluxe Stitcher18AW for stitching pads, checkbooks and business forms. Designed for flat stitching only.