Shrinkwrap Machines

Beseler Shrinkwrap


Automatic Shrinkwrap Machines

  • Beseler LSA504LSA504 Series (L-SEALER) The seal area on all LSA 504 models is:
  • Beseler SSA400SSA 400 & 400B (L-SEALER) High speed continuous side seal, Easy to operate computerized touch pad control panel
  • Beseler SSE600SSE 600 & 800 (INLINE BUNDLER / SLEEVE WRAPPER) PLC Control, 90 degree inline infeed conveyor included

Shrink Tunnels

  • shrink tunnelsDigital P.I.D. self tuning temperature control
    Automatic cool down circuit
    Easy access slideout control panel
    No maintenence mesh belt
    Adjustable air dampers
    High velocity/volume blower